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Electrical Rewires In East Kilbride

East Kilbride is one of the most popular towns we work operate in, having rewired hundreds of homes in the area.

It was a new town formed around 1950s with building continuing into 1970s. We find most homes in East Kilbride may need rewired if they have not been rewired in the last 20 years.

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Experience Rewiring Solutions

There is a mixture of small 1-2 bed flats often in tower blocks and then 2-3 bedroom houses with the occasional 4-5 bed. Many home sin East Kilbride where wired using conduit. A conduit system is tubed metal system that the wires can be drawn through. The idea behind this is to reduce the damaged cause by rewiring and in theory you should be able to wired through the tubes with ease. Our experience though is that often the tubes can be blocked or corroded and we may still need to make some damage.

Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves in being a family run business, and aim to keep our costs as competitive as possible. Our rewires come with a basic specification as standard and have various options to add to your package.

Unbeatable Timescales

Glasgow Rewiring can rewire most average homes in just 1-2 days. Rewiring can cause upheaval and hassle to you daily routines.

Full Rewire Solutions

We understand that rewiring your home is only part of the refurbishment process and can help connect you to local trades experts to re-instate your home to how it should be after rewiring.

Quality Guaranteed

Our work is carried out with safety and quality at the forefront of our operations. Our electrical teams are fully qualified to the latest wiring regulations and we offer a 10 year Guarantee on all Glasgow Rewires.

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Rewire Prices In East Kilbride

Cost to rewireTypePrice From
1 bedFlat£1995+Vat
2 bedFlat£2395+Vat
3 bedFlat£2695+Vat
2 bedHouse£2995+Vat
3 bedHouse£3395+Vat

Rewiring in East Kilbride

We can rewire most homes in East Kilbride in 1-2 days including plaster repairs.

There are many streets which have been very popular for us such as Leeward Circle, Penfold Crescent, Ness Drive and blocks like Durward.

When carrying out full rewiring in East Kilbride we will install usually 8-12 circuits which would include sockets, lights, external lights, showers, cookers, boilers and a fresh consumer unit with RCDs.

We have rewired so many properties in East Kilbride we can often send a quote without a visit.